There's more to exercise than the exercises.

Exercise has a "soft" side and a "hard" side.

Always Tired?

I have tips for boosting your energy levels ... permanently! Imagine being refreshingly awake in the morning!



    Greg is very talented and knowledgeable.

    Lois, Menomonee Falls

    I can't believe the things Greg knows.

    Nate, Green Bay

    It's a great book!

    Recent book signing, Appleton

    Regular exercise is the number one habit that contributes to my success. It keeps me mentally and physically healthy.

    Sandi Lin,

    Dance parties are my family's thing. That third dance song is when the sweat starts breaking. We laugh. We have fun.

    Jadah Sellner, Simple Green Smoothies

    I hit the gym every day no matter where I am in the world. That is my number one habit that contributes to my success.

    Dave Logan, (CultureSync) Los Angeles

    Exercise really rejuvenates me.

    Galen, Appleton

    I have a non-negotiable power-walk first thing in the morning.

    John Lee Dumas, San Diego ENTREPRENEUR ON FIRE

    If I work out in the AM I feel good and I'm mentally prepared for the day.

    Lindsey Morando,


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pencilSoft Side

  • Motivation
  • Boredom

pencilHard Side

  • What exercises melt fat?
  • What routines build muscle?


  • Short workouts, more isn't better.
  • If you like self-help, you'll like this book.
  • Includes potent E-3-C workout.

The Book

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Who's The Author. Why Should I Listen?



The author, Greg Mumm, is determined to help you get a lifetime of benefits from exercise. He doesn't believe that anyone should exercise if they don't want to and uses a variety of tools and techniques to help you lose weight and enjoy life more.

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Have problems like these?

  • "But I hate exercise"
  • "There's no time"
  • "What if someone sees me?"
  • "I don't like to sweat!"
  • "I've tried before"
  • - I'll show you how to bypass these problems so that you can look better. -
  • - I share secrets and knowledge from decades of experience: what if it works..even a little?


  • Exercise isn't new, but my safe approach is
  • If you still suffer from gym class nightmares, it's time for more pleasant dreams
  • I'll teach you tricks to find time and conquer boredom
  • The tools you'll learn are geared for the long-term. Exercise won't help you lose weight if you don't workout
  • Learn to find exercises that you love! You can't lose weight if you don't like it
  • I explain the importance of variety
  • I'll show you what works, and what doesn't. No wasted time--life is short and so are the workouts!